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Welcome to the Database Listing Administration System.

TourismOhio has been hard at work developing a new experience for Ohio travelers. Improving the Events/Attractions database has been a key focus of the website project.

The new database will be accessible by industry users in the next few weeks.

What you need to know:
  • All current listings on will be transferred to the new database and website.
  • As of today, the current database will no longer be accessible and any changes will not be reflected on the new site.
  • A special BuckeyeLine will be sent out when the new database is available. We anticipate the new system being accessible within about two weeks. Send any questions to Joe Giessler, 614-466-3734 or

For best performance this site reqiures one of the following browsers: Internet Explore 8 or 9, or the latest version of Firefox, Safari or Chrome.